I’m Elizabeth Riley and I’m a retoucher and producer. I’ve worked for years obsessing over minutia, retouching, scrutinizing ideas of perfection, societal constructs of beauty, pixel by pixel, for some of the world’s best photographers and brands. I’ve managed teams and get excited thinking about how lucky I’ve been to work with truly talented people that I admire. I’ve also put in years of gritty, eye-straining work in corporate offices, pinned to my workstation, following my passion to be the best beauty and fashion retoucher I could be.

Despite all of the dedication, drive, and passion I’ve had for retouching, life has led me to also become a producer. Over and over again, the relationships I formed with photographers as a post-production finisher kept urging me to get in on the pre-production planning. Over the years, under the guidance of agency content directors and with the generous guidance from other producers, I learned how to step into the role. Synchronistic events and a few key people gave me the opportunity to do the job I feel is my calling.

My work often brings me to adventurous and beautiful locations and almost always involves complex logistics. I produce video and photo shoots on location for global brands including pre-production planning, technical scouting of locations, permitting, talent management, onsite producing, and post production for brands, ad agencies, and photographers throughout the US.